mardi 22 décembre 2009

1ere soiree

bagage is over the border. bagage is over the sea. bagage as in luggage . soon. the connection will show as obvious.

holiday reading

feel like reading? E-flux is out on December. free online version as well as the whole archive of interesting issues, well... click that link

lundi 21 décembre 2009

niet panik

Listening to this very crazy Four tet album that I did not stumble upon until now. (i did thanks to Niklas ... hello China)
couple of hours to departure. hope my luggage will pass. they say 10kilos. and i just hope its summer in napoli

dimanche 20 décembre 2009

monkey almost made essay cover

this is one option for my marketing project cover. not that this would so important on the overall grading, but I guess this monkey would have made quite an impression. one that would just make Anna (my teacher).. say aaaaaaa... go to Madhouse. even if i guess she said that last time too... only i was to tired to understand her.
so .. should I put this as project cover? Only if I want to be rejected i guess

via Isabelle.

You're Gonna Miss Me, Lulu and the Lampshades

its snowing. everywhere white. for real. snowy.
but in 2 days I go to sun
i go to recharge
unbelievable. im now organizing my departures. arrivals. my bags. my music. my emails. my budget. my agenda(s). my thoughts.

its snowing .. and lovely to listen to this

Invenção Em 7 1/2 - Baden Powell

samedi 19 décembre 2009

metaphorically speaking

understanding what is said, is not about knowing the words, but understanding them in context.

mardi 15 décembre 2009

lundi 14 décembre 2009

East 17 it's alright - if u dont know it, (that would be rare).. so listen

this answered some mysteries.

i was like 11, when East 17 came in Romania. went with mum and dad. i was the biggest fan of this boy band. im still proud i liked them .. no new kids, no backstreets... i liked these guys. well they were the biggest stoners from the available bands on the international market. :)) but I like their vibe and energy... giving love and positive feelings. AAAAAAAA.

i grew up with this in my mind, singing these words to my parents.

when i found it again, last night actually, all sorts of positive stuff came up. first of all, artists guide us. or from my perspective, music has guided me in life. ABSOLUTELY. I trust music therapy, that i m applying on myself for some time now. best example, was the end of my last 3 years relationship. that went so smooth just cause i love music. otherwise or if it were someone else, could have killed the 2 bastards :))) . Joking Gala si Georgiana, La multi ani. they ll be .. like two years? already or three?? wooow. enjoy

anyway.. i enjoy music. and is it my senses that allow that? could it mean than im sensible? people tell me if u feel there s anything wrong with me. :))

or is it just that i am:

post-human era representative! more senses, more thoughts, less time.

"we are the new generation"(east 17, 95). and if i had it in my head since 12. now things become more clear.

thinking stops moving, you guys

outside the box from joseph Pelling on Vimeo.


could artistic research make artists reflect better upon to their works?

the accumulation of knowledge in the artistic field is a form of research. Artists carry out research about the reality that surrounds them, about themselves, about their instruments of work, and about the complex network linking these. Artistic research means that the artist produces an artwork and researches the creative process, thus adding to the accumulation of knowledge. (Artistic research,(2005) Mika Hannula). But my question goes to how many of the artists really undertake research and could we consider research as what is left from the technique of a post-modern artist? You know.. nowadays, except of some good painters and sculptors that base their works on a physical technique, the others base it on ideas. And the best example is the flux of ready made use in conceptual art, or actually the best in terms of economic growth, well... the creative industry. According to this little booklet i'm reading about artistic research, what it points out as objectives for artistic research to become a legitimate practice in academic field are:
- producing information that serves practice
- develop methods which are linked with the processing of creative work
- increase understanding between art and its social
- interpret art works as cultural, political and pedagogical products
- critically analyze art and its future trends and understand its relationship with technology, economy etc
- rethink and question the role of the artist
AIMS: a democracy of experience and methodological diversity

so... all sounds good, to me. finally a chance for art works to support the needs of humanity. Artists have to get down from their bohemian world and help the world we re living in and hopefully (with this new dimension in their perception as humans) might start with a new approach. this is why i totally support this type of research after 2 months of thinking of its actual purpose. it is a chance for artists to see more, understand more and perform better for the better of society.

dimanche 13 décembre 2009

sound water

really nice sound installation. this is quite one of the most lovely. armony and water, electronic mediation. wish they put it a nice square in France.. or anywhere.. . and everyphere.


i bet on citizen journalism

still good . ambiance

Ambses02_ep9_000**daaa from Cosmin**Ambiance on Vimeo.

samedi 12 décembre 2009

jeudi 10 décembre 2009

Quote recent, de ieri. George Paduraru , sef cumva intr-un in asociatia studentilor, motiv pentru care e denumit des "sindicalist". Care e contexul? Cica ceva manifestatie anti-basescu. Tipu explica ca studentii nu stiu ce s-a intamplat la revolutie, la mineriade si vor macar acum sa stie adevarul. "Am primit o portie de adevar, batandu-ne, arestandu-ne si ducandu-ne la politie, de Ziau intenationala a dreoturilor omului. Se continua cu intimidari, amenintari, sunt oameni care-i cauta pe cei care au fost la mars. Avem senzatia amara ca o sa reia perioada de dinainte de '89. (...) Sunt colegi care merg in campus si se uita in spate. Daca alegerile au fost fraudate sa ni se spuna si sa mergem din nou la vot", a spus George Paduraru, anuntand ca protestele vor continua."

mercredi 9 décembre 2009

The Avant-Garde Egg

what avant garde is all about

the relation art / politics - two ways of making fiction

Ethics of Non-Finitude -
the precarious politics of art (Nicolas Bourriaud)

The social body as it appears in contemporary art production does not constitute an organic whole that needs to be changed from bottom up. (...) for the 20th century artists, the social body is divided into lobbies, quotas and communities. (...) In short what we call reality is in fact a simple montage. On the basis of that conclusion, the aesthetic challenge of contemporary art resides in recomposing that montage: art is an editing computer that enables us to realize alternatives, temporary versions of reality with the same material (everyday life). Thus, contemporary art presents itself as an editing console that manipulates social forms, reorganizes them in original scenarios, deconstructing the script on which their illusory legitimacy was grounded. The artist de-programmes in order to re-programme, suggesting that there are other possible usages for techniques, tools and spaces at our disposition. The cultural and social structures in which we live are nothing more for art than items of clothing that we should slip into. (...) It is a question of post-producing social reality, or in other words, of confirming, in a negative form, its ontological precarious nature .

taken from OPEN 2009. no 17. A Precarious Existence

where we are

in the fordist society : Silence, people at work
post fordist society: People at work, speak!

mardi 8 décembre 2009


in a way i m out of my circuit. direction of contingent extremist state taking over?
have to balance

jeudi 3 décembre 2009

mercredi 2 décembre 2009

cloud clau

For 3 weeks I lost a part of mobility around Maas. In the same time, I became a client of public transportation, which here means just moving in circle, going with 20km/k and just getting to center 10min faster than walking. but sometimes walking was not a solution: too lazy or late.
whats the point of the story? none. just the depression of keeping problems. BUT, worth the wait, as today instead of repairing the bike I had, made an honest deal and saved some time by changing it, with another one. well, an old one, really rusty. if you look in detail. outside is all painted with clouds. light blue bike with white clouds. picture coming soon. and the point is that ... cloud clau. voila.

mardi 1 décembre 2009

lundi 30 novembre 2009

happy 1st december Ro!

91 years of existence of Romania in full shape. For its present existence I dont really want to debate now. elections have annoyed me too much for any positive feeling associated with present day. But the future is bright. We'll make it! Alegria!


hai bai. mar+shift 4


The one and only a.k.a. Poke, is from now on, active on the global community. Check out ce que les yeux travaillent!

field trip in Brussel

Brussel . field trip II

Thursday to Sunday exploration of brussels dimension. Feel like we had a bit of everything. Or at least from my point of view all turned out just perfect. From the very intrusive city tour of colorful emigrant neighborhoods, with a touch of both kreutzberg and oriental lands, to the very nice dance performance of "Giant cities" at the Kaaitheatre and even to the quite over rated "Magritte Museum" I enjoyed the program of our field trip. The Cimatics festival that I was so eagerly waiting for, proved to be quite mediocre. (and well.. its true i did not have the time to go to many of the events). At least the lectures at Imal, on Cities of sound were good and really inspirational.
Best place in Brussels: Musical Instruments Museum.
most hilarious time: the not sleeping time of Sunday.
best thing: everything

and by the way, these good pictures were taken by porcelainous

and the bag from the last picture.. well we found it. its our homeless suitcase. soon part of a installation. conceptual, biensur

mardi 24 novembre 2009

Street Art and Love for the Street by MIRONOSIT

lundi 23 novembre 2009

musical diplomacy

in search of perfection.

better living things unfinished. 5% at least. this is what is beautiful. knowing everything might be nothing

dimanche 22 novembre 2009

Chaos in the Romanian embassy in Viena

Holi(shit)day: Election tourism 2009

Familiar with the term? In Romania, we all are, as have shown the presidential elections last night. we are consciously letting politicians play the most dehumanizing schemes on us. it is just awful! Horrible! again too many of these illegal voters, these so called election tourists. Just a big show, a big masquerade, a scam, a bullshit. So what I am talking about? what is this new sort of tourism? well looks like the strategy of these totally undemocratic parties (the PSD is doing it since forever, and now the others following with the same strategy) is to pay people both voters and those working for the voting centers to support this maneuver as to get more votes for a side (for this Sunday I think it has also been a contest of logistic teams of each party for coordinating these "tourists"). So what happens is, that a big network of commuters appears, either from village to village or city to city, sometimes by means of collective transportation. They are moved around the region and they vote everywhere they can and then probably they will receive a big dinner and some money.
making people feel good, no? Bravo Geoana, Basescu & their friends!
Buying votes, giving money, loosing value.

they do it. but it affects us all.

Sound Waves

participatory culture

by Henry Jenkins

mardi 17 novembre 2009


in the middle of researching my thoughts. my topic is close but not here. I should have an abstract soon, but for the moment im confronted with too many ideas, but really now.. not an excelent one.
i ll get to more research

lundi 16 novembre 2009

samedi 14 novembre 2009

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fuck you. leave us alone. we are changing, and we dont need to change the weather

Weather manipulation is actually not as rare as one might think. Currently, 24 countries practice some kind of cloud seeding. Moscow's mayor keeps the Russian Air Force on cloud seeding duty to make sure it never rains on his parades (literally). The U.S. has dabbled with weather manipulation in attempts to curb the intensity of Gulf hurricanes back in the '60s, and the military seeded clouds over North Vietnam during the war there to extend the monsoon season. Oh, and the CIA seeded clouds in 1969 in an attempt to rain out the hippies gathering at Woodstock, but they partied right through it anyhow (that instance is unconfirmed, but groovy to think about).

mercredi 11 novembre 2009

build doors for all the walls or break them!

The Quenn. Now, I m looking back 20years, but through other "glasses". I ask myself, is she sorry for anything? she is a bit impressed by the vibration of the people. she s feeding on it thats for sure. at least on the bad vibrations, maybe this is what made her non interested yet so interested in keeping people behind the curtain.

Hopefully the wall will represent a trademark of the inefficiency of borders for future generations. And clearly, for the actual generation. So:

Lets learn to break the walls!

and integrate a global community.


and then
this little film here, shows first moments after uncountable number of years when souls were kept apart. well actually really close but in different realities. 'incredibly separated by physical obstacles, imposed by people and the contexts they created in order to control.
but we dont need control we need direction and we need each other. and to communicate with each other. so .. wrong direction. who was deciding here? who s deciding now? i don t know. so .. lets try to decide ourselves. shift of control?

getting crowded in the social map? are you stuck?


mardi 10 novembre 2009

The Bloody History of Communism (1 of 14)

long documentary but could clear up some historic questions of communism