lundi 14 décembre 2009

East 17 it's alright - if u dont know it, (that would be rare).. so listen

this answered some mysteries.

i was like 11, when East 17 came in Romania. went with mum and dad. i was the biggest fan of this boy band. im still proud i liked them .. no new kids, no backstreets... i liked these guys. well they were the biggest stoners from the available bands on the international market. :)) but I like their vibe and energy... giving love and positive feelings. AAAAAAAA.

i grew up with this in my mind, singing these words to my parents.

when i found it again, last night actually, all sorts of positive stuff came up. first of all, artists guide us. or from my perspective, music has guided me in life. ABSOLUTELY. I trust music therapy, that i m applying on myself for some time now. best example, was the end of my last 3 years relationship. that went so smooth just cause i love music. otherwise or if it were someone else, could have killed the 2 bastards :))) . Joking Gala si Georgiana, La multi ani. they ll be .. like two years? already or three?? wooow. enjoy

anyway.. i enjoy music. and is it my senses that allow that? could it mean than im sensible? people tell me if u feel there s anything wrong with me. :))

or is it just that i am:

post-human era representative! more senses, more thoughts, less time.

"we are the new generation"(east 17, 95). and if i had it in my head since 12. now things become more clear.

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