mercredi 2 décembre 2009

cloud clau

For 3 weeks I lost a part of mobility around Maas. In the same time, I became a client of public transportation, which here means just moving in circle, going with 20km/k and just getting to center 10min faster than walking. but sometimes walking was not a solution: too lazy or late.
whats the point of the story? none. just the depression of keeping problems. BUT, worth the wait, as today instead of repairing the bike I had, made an honest deal and saved some time by changing it, with another one. well, an old one, really rusty. if you look in detail. outside is all painted with clouds. light blue bike with white clouds. picture coming soon. and the point is that ... cloud clau. voila.

2 commentaires:

Shred~Betty a dit…

mie mi-au furat bicicletaaaa!!! buhuhu! I feel u, sista'! haha! :*

Claudia a dit…


las k vi aici si iti gasesc io o bicicleta