mardi 28 septembre 2010

jeudi 16 septembre 2010

vendredi 27 août 2010

Quantic and his Combo Barbaro - Un Canto A Mi Tierra

cat de bine. cat de minunat. vreau sa dansez ore in sir. una dintre singurele activitati de la care nu pot obosi

jeudi 26 août 2010

Moodymann - I Need You So Much - Runaway

again confused and in between ideas. I would run away. I want what I dont ... to need someone.

vendredi 30 juillet 2010

Vibeuri spre Napoli

Rainbow Timelapse - Napoli, Italia from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

This time lapse was shot off of the coast of Naples, Italy on a Canon 5D MKII, Canon 24~70mm 2.8, Canon TC-80N3 Timer Remote Controller Unit a B+W 77mm Circular Polarizer mounted on a Kessler CineSlider, with an elektra DRIVE and ORACLE Controller mounted on a Manfrotto 498RC4 Ballhead supported by two Manfrotto 190CXPRO3 Carbon Fiber tripods.

jeudi 15 juillet 2010

vendredi 28 mai 2010

lundi 26 avril 2010

mardi 20 avril 2010

last Saturday

Haptonium & Brummsel - RaumZeitPiraten from ChaosAcoustics on Vimeo.

massive evening. Going to Intro In Situ to clear my neuronal frequencies a bit, ended up with a real nice atmosphere group. coming from Dusseldorf, in our little city village. not much to do around, but when you are with cool people there is always a lot to do. a link to the raumzeitpiraten of the evening, on requested click

dimanche 18 avril 2010

dimanche 11 avril 2010

lundi 29 mars 2010

[EVA] meets B32

Son of a Kitsch!

exhibition 04.04 – 09.05.2010

B32 ARTSPICE, Bourgognestraat 32

Opening on Saturday 3rd April, 19:00 h

The exhibition of Hague-based painter, Dylan Eijkes relating to history, occult theories, religion, and the fundamental admiration of the old masters will be opened with a performance by Tohu Bohu, followed by the dynamic beats of DJ Nothing but Funk and special tastes and smells, coming from home-made cookies.

Visiting schedule

Fridays 17:00-20:00h

Sundays 14:00-17:00h

And by appointment at 06 25 52 46 33

(except the weekend of 23rd – 25th April)

jeudi 11 mars 2010

perjovschi lecture

yes it goes, it flies.
present is future.

again i'm going in many directions.

where i am heading is that what is important is to make the most of the time, by doing.
nothing to do with my actual intention to write here, which is actually that, yesterday I went on a lecture with Perjovschi. He was at van Eyck. talking about him, his work, the why and how his works got to be in this way. the answers related all to just being born in romania, in communist times and faced with capitalist reality. its the sarcasm and irony have saved the romanian people from being mentally neutralized by the political system.
by meeting perjovschi , is received a history lesson, a free discussion, nice vibes and a funny atmosphere, in the middle of easy to see puzzles of issues

samedi 6 mars 2010

mercredi 24 février 2010

Im erg ng in the obs s ion f r key w r s

I should think about.

the religion that changed the perspective over the world

back home. my window view. tineretului.

"E adevarat, sunt din beton, sunt gandite extrem de prost, se descompun pe zi ce trece, dar sunt ale noastre. Toti locuiam (si da, trebuie subliniat acest termen) in ele..... pentru ca doar acolo puteam locui. Pentru ca acolo fusesem adusi de la curte, de langa porc sau acolo fusesem parasutati din locuintele noastre burgheze, detestate de noua ordine sociala. Dupa revolutie situatia a ramas aceeasi, nu de alta, dar nu prea aveai unde sa te muti.

Revolutie.....Trec ceva ani....Urmeaza un moment extrem de important pentru istoria locuintei romanesti .


Efectul este insa complet la celalalt capat al scarii valorice. Ghetto-ul de bogati. Prezent peste tot in Europa, la noi in tara, acest „model” l-a depasit de mult pe cel al saracilor. Il puteti gasi din plin in nordul orasului. Zone inchise, garduri, pumni bagati in gura de diversi paznici, afise care va atentioneaza ca va aflati pe teritoriu privat, garduri din nou, camere de filmat si priviri furioase din spatele geamurilor fumurii.


Moartea prin excelenta a spatiului public si stingerea orasului ca loc colectiv, transformarea intr-o colectie de locuri individuale."

Luat de pe Bukres, scris se pare de Stefan T. vecine salutari!

lundi 22 février 2010

Rotterdam / going to the big city

well, in NL, all is kind of part of a big city, but still when going in the heart of business and extreme architecture, makes us, far away Limburgish get excited for all the structures and possibilities around. but also makes me say.. where is my little Malberg lake? well I know that its not far so I dont get stuck on this all the time

noise shifting girls

Nowadays Eindhoven, starts to mean a lot more than just the Philips city. First of all, its the temporary home city of I, (hello u) and the location of her job, the Onomatopee, where me and K had our first group jam performance.
Noisy and crazy, sometimes harmonic, in general platonic

samedi 20 février 2010

Save the holes. Only in Ro

lundi 15 février 2010

my first published article on Crossroads

Thank you Catalina for the good connections . honor to start on the same page mademoiselle .

whats love got to do with it

what is with all this love and hearts, all around my blog?

feeling a frustration.. and a lack of hugs? bullshit.

now, im just having a conversation with Irena and Kris, both as lonely as they are not lonely and sharing the need to share needs with someone. is the effort worth it? how much is it compromise, how much is pure enjoyment?

what is the problem?
no love, no problem
but whats love got to do with it?

dimanche 14 février 2010

happy valentines day!

A-Ha - Take On Me (Video)

vendredi 12 février 2010

Go la Sibiu.

Cine nu-l stie pe 7?
7 are ceva magic. e un numar complet, desi nu vrea sa para.
personal il stiu plin de energie pozitiva.
Pentru altii tot de bine e. de exemplu, popoarele islamice il considera numarul straturilor pamantului, cat si numarul ce reprezinta paradisul.

Si la Sibiu, 7 inseamna ceva.
E activ.
Printre ganduri si dorinte, multa activitate locala.
Ceva se schimba la Sibiu

7Acte in weekend 13-14, aparute prin creativitate si colectivitate