samedi 30 mai 2009

august aout

making plans for summer

souvenirs de Suisse.

mardi 19 mai 2009

iar prin weekend merg pe aici

la badure, la baneasa. been abducted by les beamz.

thanks to photos from some other blog and its blogger master. forgot which.

nice way there. nice vibe on spot.

say yeah to parties!! in wildlife

dimanche 10 mai 2009

on the road

one french car, 3 people: an american gurl, a spanish italian guy with a swiss residency and a romanian gurl were taken for belgians at the swiss border. trop rigollo!

we like flowers

the inside of my car

people were wondering if there s someone in my trunk. There were 4 of us traveling in this car and look how it looks without us inside...
funny, we had no problem traveling for about 1000km during 3 days on the weekend of the 1st f May.

nice atmosphere in swiss

People speak french in swiss, but they are actually quite different.
cant really say if worse or better (as I have spent only a couple of days in coloq swiss), but I have to mention that I like their attitude and way of behaving. always up for a party, and also for hard work. Maybe its the fresh air thats givin them lots of energy. again cant really say, cause Im a hyperactive person myself. yeyyy.. for hyperactive people!!! yey.. for travelling and meeting new people!!! yey for parties and boarding in the same time. Music and snow really make you flow!

belles fleurs pour une belle maman

in Tara hategului

christ the king

in evian in a house that will be broken down

big tetes

hai pirati in retezat

Rebirth:Earth Poiana cerbului

hmmm.... intr0un final am gasit imagini si de la un film de la scenele de party. eu am ars-o f lazy pe acolo si nu am ajuns cu aparatu in mana la zone de zbantuiala niciodata. sa ca ma multumesc sa imi notez in jurnalul de calatorEZ, prin ce s-a postat pe utube.
really good festival by the way. mie mi-a placut mult, chiar prea mult pt un party psy. :))