jeudi 11 mars 2010

perjovschi lecture

yes it goes, it flies.
present is future.

again i'm going in many directions.

where i am heading is that what is important is to make the most of the time, by doing.
nothing to do with my actual intention to write here, which is actually that, yesterday I went on a lecture with Perjovschi. He was at van Eyck. talking about him, his work, the why and how his works got to be in this way. the answers related all to just being born in romania, in communist times and faced with capitalist reality. its the sarcasm and irony have saved the romanian people from being mentally neutralized by the political system.
by meeting perjovschi , is received a history lesson, a free discussion, nice vibes and a funny atmosphere, in the middle of easy to see puzzles of issues

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