lundi 29 mars 2010

[EVA] meets B32

Son of a Kitsch!

exhibition 04.04 – 09.05.2010

B32 ARTSPICE, Bourgognestraat 32

Opening on Saturday 3rd April, 19:00 h

The exhibition of Hague-based painter, Dylan Eijkes relating to history, occult theories, religion, and the fundamental admiration of the old masters will be opened with a performance by Tohu Bohu, followed by the dynamic beats of DJ Nothing but Funk and special tastes and smells, coming from home-made cookies.

Visiting schedule

Fridays 17:00-20:00h

Sundays 14:00-17:00h

And by appointment at 06 25 52 46 33

(except the weekend of 23rd – 25th April)

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