lundi 30 novembre 2009

field trip in Brussel

Brussel . field trip II

Thursday to Sunday exploration of brussels dimension. Feel like we had a bit of everything. Or at least from my point of view all turned out just perfect. From the very intrusive city tour of colorful emigrant neighborhoods, with a touch of both kreutzberg and oriental lands, to the very nice dance performance of "Giant cities" at the Kaaitheatre and even to the quite over rated "Magritte Museum" I enjoyed the program of our field trip. The Cimatics festival that I was so eagerly waiting for, proved to be quite mediocre. (and well.. its true i did not have the time to go to many of the events). At least the lectures at Imal, on Cities of sound were good and really inspirational.
Best place in Brussels: Musical Instruments Museum.
most hilarious time: the not sleeping time of Sunday.
best thing: everything

and by the way, these good pictures were taken by porcelainous

and the bag from the last picture.. well we found it. its our homeless suitcase. soon part of a installation. conceptual, biensur

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