mercredi 11 novembre 2009

build doors for all the walls or break them!

The Quenn. Now, I m looking back 20years, but through other "glasses". I ask myself, is she sorry for anything? she is a bit impressed by the vibration of the people. she s feeding on it thats for sure. at least on the bad vibrations, maybe this is what made her non interested yet so interested in keeping people behind the curtain.

Hopefully the wall will represent a trademark of the inefficiency of borders for future generations. And clearly, for the actual generation. So:

Lets learn to break the walls!

and integrate a global community.


and then
this little film here, shows first moments after uncountable number of years when souls were kept apart. well actually really close but in different realities. 'incredibly separated by physical obstacles, imposed by people and the contexts they created in order to control.
but we dont need control we need direction and we need each other. and to communicate with each other. so .. wrong direction. who was deciding here? who s deciding now? i don t know. so .. lets try to decide ourselves. shift of control?

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