dimanche 22 novembre 2009

Holi(shit)day: Election tourism 2009

Familiar with the term? In Romania, we all are, as have shown the presidential elections last night. we are consciously letting politicians play the most dehumanizing schemes on us. it is just awful! Horrible! again too many of these illegal voters, these so called election tourists. Just a big show, a big masquerade, a scam, a bullshit. So what I am talking about? what is this new sort of tourism? well looks like the strategy of these totally undemocratic parties (the PSD is doing it since forever, and now the others following with the same strategy) is to pay people both voters and those working for the voting centers to support this maneuver as to get more votes for a side (for this Sunday I think it has also been a contest of logistic teams of each party for coordinating these "tourists"). So what happens is, that a big network of commuters appears, either from village to village or city to city, sometimes by means of collective transportation. They are moved around the region and they vote everywhere they can and then probably they will receive a big dinner and some money.
making people feel good, no? Bravo Geoana, Basescu & their friends!
Buying votes, giving money, loosing value.

they do it. but it affects us all.

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