mardi 29 septembre 2009

From the moment I stepped out of the train station, it took me 20minutes to arrive in the middle of the festival, in the middle of the conflict. And “conflict is the beginning of consciousness” and so from that moment I entered into new dimensions of perception.

Todays Art in Den Haag was quite an experience. Well, better said a sum of experiences, because of the many different sensations I had in 2 days, the majority as a result of the interaction with well-constructed performances with surprising human technology synergies and some wicked ideas. From contemporary dance performances, Joeri Dubbe (vid) and Hiroaki Umeda, (which was absolutely stunningly perfect), noise, color and feeling installations to in depth sound live performances, all were hosted perfectly by the city of Den Haag. Lucky Dragons interaction with the audience, intensive breathe changing sounds with Heart Chamber Orchestra and Mark Bain, mediation audition with Biosphere, Tesla’s work influence with Artificiel all gave me an overdose of feelings and thoughts.

I am really impressed. Den Haag represented a symbolic battleground for the affirmation of the new culture, that I am proudly part of.

For me it was the first time I am in Hague, so, obviously first time I come to TodaysArt. … and I admit to be addicted to both!!!


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