mercredi 9 septembre 2009


so great, this thing that everyone is moving around with their bike. Old and young, all on the streets. some with bags, some with dogs, or flowers and I m always with my music, according to the weather.
1st days were kind of rough, (a have a hill to climb on my way home) so I was kind of in that vibe , where s my car? but now things are getting better. activated some muscles, got used to the hill, found out were closest shops are (which is kind of tricky here, got to ask people)

I try to figure out were do they do their usual shopping (u know like for groceries and.. food and drinks). There are some places, but really quite a few. In Bucarest there are so many and all of them are full.
funny thing
The only place were I stayed in a queue was at a coffee shop.

si hop un video. cu singurul loc neconventional din acest orasel .

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