jeudi 29 octobre 2009

True BLU

not the best pic you v seen thats for sure. but.. BLU s there. bumped into this on the parcours of a perfect day.
context(of photo): more than one hour of freestyle walkin around kreutzberg. a mandatory welcome tour of berlin, i would add up, walking tour of.. rather many metro stations, where heard some of us complaining. but then.. what can be more interesting when you have nothing to? your theatre play was cancelled (and reprogramed but proved to be shit).

but before that, had a nice tea with a very passionate dancer and his wife, who helps as coordinator of his projects. both from berlin. welcomed us for a talk about the art s field, the challendges in a city like berlin and all with a lot of passion for performance

and even before that, after the morning city tour (thats waking up early) and a small stop at the East Side Gallery (former wall location) , after this, saw the stasi museum. interesting, but even more interesting how relaxed and natural they approach the topic, whereas in Romania we dont have yet.... a museum of communist. we should. as it changed the dimension of people s lifes for 45 years. spys and control. experimenting with needs.
and nice discourse about realities.

and then just walking until the point we had to calm down in a chilled berlijn bar. just to get the energy to go to an experimental performance in a downtown gallery

maybe done even more things that day. but now i cant remember.

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