vendredi 5 décembre 2008

final de interrail

5 dec. cum ziceam earlier, mi s-a incheiat biletul de interrail.
Bruxelles - Lille - Brugge - Amsterdam - Utrecht - Bruxelles (again cause its so nice) -Lyon - Geneva - Montpellier - Toulouse - Paris - Lyon (headquarters)

Era si Copenhaga in program dar s-a lenevit cam mult prin Olanda (asta e cam singura dezamagiree a circuitului)
Anyway, thanks a lot: mum, amelie, manu, alex & tracy, mary jo, isa & mes coloqs, turc, hamza, poke, selma, my family for their financial help, interrail system, canon, people that act, not just speak, and of course the internet. And thanks to x, y and z and mainly everyone I know. Big up. Biz

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